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The discovery of attention

Translations can be pretty ambiguous: In physics, translation is movement that changes the position of an object. Quite like John Franklin in Sten Nadolny's "The Discovery of Slow-
ness", you need a good understanding of both the culture you are starting from and the one you are heading to.

Welcome to Translationships English-German!

No matter if you want to present your company at a trade fair in Germany, need translations of company files for the team in your German branch or if you are looking for a fresh start in Germany or Austria: A professional translation of your documents into German can be essential!

As a Master of Economics and translator for the English and German languages, I am your partner for the access to Germany and the German market.

As a German native speaker and resident, I am frequently travelling USA and Asia, holding good business and private relationships to communities on all three continents. This helps me to better understand business and culture of my American and Asian partners.

To have a profound understanding of German laws and regulations as well as communication standards, can be equally essential. As the German and European business worlds are highly regulated, you might need an accurate translation of documents, certificates and the like.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for these tasks, please don't hesitate to contact Translationships English-German.

On the following page you can find a detailed outline of my services: